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Emerald built a portfolio worth over £1million using the BRR method. She managed to do this using none of her own money, (mainly because she didn’t have any) she had no previous experience and certainly lacked confidence and clarity at the beginning of her journey. She now happily keeps buying properties, mainly single lets and is well on her way to achieving her dreams.


Co-founder / Director of Friend Property Group

Connect Property Network | Networking Events Crewe | Property Networking Events |

Natasha specialises in buy, refurbish, refinance and in the last 18 months has used this model to build a £1.2 million portfolio of single lets in Peterborough, and more than replacing her JOB income. Natasha has done this by working with investors on a fixed return basis and has now raised over £500,000.

Natasha previously worked in the corporate world and has a background in mortgages and finance. She also has a small portfolio of R2R SA’s and now helps and supports others looking to get started or scale their property business.

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6:00 PM
Get yourself signed in.
6:30 PM
Brief host introduction.
6:40 Pm
Tax Update
Tax update from a local accountant.
6:50 Pm

Lettings Update

Lettings update from Amplo Lettings

7:00 Pm
Mortgage Update

Mortgage update from Michael Andrew FS

7:05 Pm
Raffle Prize
A chance for you to win our monthly raffle prize.
7:10 Pm
Keynote Speaker
Our first keynote speaker.
7:40 Pm
20 Second Intros
Introduce what you need or what you can offer others.
8:00 Pm
Networking Break
Network, network, network!!
8:30 Pm
Keynote Speaker
Our second keynote speaker.
9:00 Pm
More networking at the bar.


Connect Property Network certainly lives up to it’s name! The event is well organised, great valuable content, and the meet I attended recently attracted a wide range of attendees from the Northwest, Midlands and London, even those with connections to Dubai and China! An invaluable amount of knowledge and expertise “connected” thanks to Scott Williams for having the vision to host such a worthwhile event. I’ll certainly be back! AND, everyone is welcome whether you are new to property or have years of experience – so if you are interested get yourself a ticket!

Hazel Lievesley

The first event was brilliant! A real inspiration to a relative newbie with lots of friendly but serious investors in the room willing to help and learn from each other, I’ll definitely be returning

Nathan Wilson

Fantastic night at the Connect Property launch event last week. 110 mile round trip there and back but it was well worth it. Great atmosphere, great speakers, great overall vibe which I found unique to this event. The room was literally full of serious action taking property investors. Really enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new. Definitely one not to miss.

Justin Taylor

You will be looked after, inspired and your knowledge expanded.

Enjoy and invite all you know to join Connect Property Network each month. It will help, open their mind and step change their wealth and health!

Doug James







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